Frequently Asked Questions


About the development

When will construction start on the site?
Construction will start once the final SDP has been approved and the Retirement portion of the site subdivided and transferred to the developer.

Has the Development Plan been approved by the Saldanha Bay Municipality (SBM)?
The overall “SDP” ( Site Development Plan ) has been approved by the SBM. The developer is seeking certain further minor amendments which are expected to be finalized early in 2019.

How will there be access to the site?
Access to the site will be via an extension of Bree Street (past the Toppolino Kindergarten) and will be known as “ Ocean Drive “.

Will all the units have sea views?
Almost all the units will have sea views.
The site is gradated from South to North and all units look North towards Saldanha Bay.


Phase 2

Can we book a unit in advance for phase 2 or 3 – maybe by paying a deposit?
Yes, you may book in advance for Phase 2 – prices are available upon request

What deposit is required if a unit in the 2nd and/or 3rd phase is wanted – how much and when is the full amount payable?
Prices are now available for Phase 2, and the normal holding deposit of R10,000 is required, plus 10% in approx May 2019


About units

Maintenance and layout of the garden – Can we change out the roll-on lawn for stones and artificial grass?
Yes, within your private garden zone – but there will be an assessment of relative costs, and you may have to pay a small difference.

Enclosure of the patio: any specifications e.g. glass, aluminium?
Awaiting exact specifications, but all enclosures of patios will have to be of the same materials and colours, etc. to be specified by the architect and installed by the developer.

Can we request a ceiling for the garage? Is it a “roller” type or “swing” type door?
It is a Roller type door. You can request a ceiling in the garage at your additional cost TBA.

Are we allowed to put up any carports? e.g. aluminum or shadow netting for a 2nd car on B type units?
This is being investigated. If allowed, all carports will be of the same specs and installed by the developer.

Any specifications on the installation of air-conditioning units?
Aircons may be installed on your behalf by the developer. Costs to be advised upon request.

Can we have downlights/dimmers installed instead of standard lights/spotlights?
Downlighters are standard and changes/dimmers etc. will be an additional cost to be advised for your account.

How many plugs per room and which type of plugs e.g. USB plugs for mobile phones?

Will provision be made for TV/telephone plugs/connection/ducting in bedrooms and lounge?
Yes, definitely in the lounge. There will also be a TV point in the main bedroom. Rest of house TBA.

Will there be hot and cold water taps for the washing machine?
There is only provision for a cold tap for the washing machine because most washing machines generally now have their own heating and temperature control systems

More information about Kitchen cupboards:
This is being finalized with the architect. Each client will get their own set of detailed plans with the cupboard layouts and drawings, which will be signed off by the client.

What does “BR” mean?
Broom cupboard.

Is there space available for a tumble dryer?
We are considering the spacing for this – TBA

Can Type B have a second “guest” toilet/hand basin?
This is seen as a sensible option and will be investigated by the developer with the architect – it seems likely to be able to be done. Costs to be advised.


About Apartments

Will apartments be available?
Apartments will be added during a later phase of the development, and as such, are not indicated on the current Site Development Plan.


About Healthcare

When will the Frail Care / Medical facilities be available?
Construction of the care facility will commence once 75% of units are sold.
An interim care facility will be provided in a developer-owned house. 

Who will be providing the medical care services and at what cost?
Samaritan Health will be providing frail care and assisted living services. Costs for this specific facility are not yet available.
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Will there be open space to walk dogs, etc?
Yes, the overall SDP provides for 50% of the land to remain open space – whilst technically privately owned it will remain open to access by the public


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